I am able to effectively demonstrate my written communication within my essay below. It demonstrates my ability to express my opinions along with my ability to analyze others’ work. I furthermore have the ability to speak as well as listen effectively in a group setting or one on one.

This essay effectively shows my ability to communicate through writing, as well as showing my ability to analyze and express my ideas on a particular topic or in this case a piece of media (poem). It also demonstrates my ability to edit my own writing and moreover persuade people about a particular idea.

Research and Planning

I demonstrate my ability to research and plan throughout my university courses by outlining my papers along with conducting research for them online, and through physical archives. I have conducted research on various online databases along with in-person in the UFV library and furthermore have gone to the Stó:lō Libary and Archives in Sardis BC to seek out primary sources for a final paper. Throughout my course papers, I am effectively able to analyze sources and extricate vital information in order to come to a conclusion. Below is a paper in which I conducted research online for my Geography class final paper. I furthermore demonstrate my ability to plan by preparing each week for small groups in kids ministry at my church. I go over provided lesson plans and prepare for discussions and activities that change each week.

The research paper below was an assignment from my geography of Canada class. I was required to look at some kind of topic related to geography and somehow relate it back to climate change. I chose earthquakes since I did not know much about them. This research paper shows my ability to gather and analyze information, identify important problems, and develop possible strategies to combat these problems.

Interpersonal Relations

I display the skills attributed to interpersonal relations in various areas of my life including volunteering as a small group leader in my church’s children’s ministry program. It requires me to listen effectively and respond to children’s needs and feelings, along with motivating them in their daily lives. Moreover, this position requires me to effectively communicate with other volunteers to divide up responsibilities and tasks.


Within my title of a small group leader, you can see that part of my responsibilities includes leading. In particular, leading a group of children ages nine and ten in activities and discussions provided. I am able to demonstrate my ability to teach, as well as manage my time well within this small group setting. This position sometimes also requires me to manage conflict between children.

This picture shows me participating in a large group activity within children’s ministry. We were gathered with other small groups to do various activities. Although it is hard to show in a picture, I am required to use skills such as teaching and managing groups of children, multitasking, managing conflict, and more.

Work Survival Skills

In various areas of my life including my part-time job as a library page, I thoroughly demonstrate my ability to cooperate with coworkers and my boss. Moreover, I ask for help when needed and I am always a few minutes early for work just in case. This job also requires me to be organized as my duties include shelving and organizing books along with creating displays for various events.

Reading and Writing

I love to read and in the past few years have also gotten more interested in writing. I love to read almost any type of fiction book in my free time, and I also love to read poetry. Moreover, I write some poetry as well and have considered creating a compilation of my poetry and putting it in a book. Below are a few of the poems that I wrote for a creative writing English class.

I have a few of my own poems below that demonstrate my interest in writing. Writing poetry is one of my favourite forms of writing as it can be anything you want. It can stick to a pattern or be free verse.


I have always loved photography and even took a class in grade 11 for it. It has always been a way for me to channel my creativity into an activity. I love to admire gorgeous sunsets and views by capturing them on camera, along with candids, which are my personal favourites to capture. I have attached a picture that I took a few years ago at the beginning of spring.